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Mr Rafael Prieto Ruiz
Industrial Engineer  (2004)
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The origins of the department of Energy and High Voltage lie in the objective to offer services in consultancy and technical assistance during the development of projects concerning systems for the generation and transport of electrical energy. These services extend from the initial project design until the start-up of the finished system and include the phases of tender as well as construction.

Our mission is to function as a tool supporting the developer and the constructing engineer with the aim of achieving adequate technical solutions, quality levels in agreement with the anticipated needs, and cost reduction by means of design improvement.

With the support of the other departments of Ensaya, we have the necessary means to carry out a thorough quality control of all those integral elements of a system.
The services offered, in general terms, will be defined in the following:


  • Substations: control of the layout plan, metallic structures, assembly, public work, buildings, and equipment.
  • Photovoltaic powerplants: foundation laying, assembly, wiring.
  • Wind farms: public work, levelling, assembly, roadwork, electric power networks.
  • Overhead powerlines: checking of the topography, support levelling, public work, openings, and assembly.
  • Underground powerlines: layout and installation, connections, public work.
  • Measuring and certification control.
  • Management of the complete construction process.


  • Review of layout, topography, and design of overhead powerlines.
  • Review of the evaluation and dimensioning of supports of overhead powerlines.
  • Review of roadwork and earthworks in the roadwork of wind farms.
  • Design improvement of metallic structures and of public work in substations, equipment establishment.
  • Review of electrical calculations, requirements and the suitability of the equipment specifications.



  • Definition of specifications for equipment, transformers, cells, equipment.
  • Selection and adaptation of equipment according to the particular regulations of the electrical distribution and transport companies.
  • Documents to request connection points to power networks.
  • Drafting of technical specifications of equipment for the homologation of suppliers.


  • Drafting of documents and measuring status for the tender of electric works.
  • Review and preparation of measuring with specific electrical scales.
  • Drafting of adequate scales for the work in question.


  • Proposition of alternatives in the stages of design, consultation, auxiliary calculations, etc.
  • Search and contribution of solutions during the implementation stage of the works.
  • Selection of subcontractors and auxiliary means.