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D. Félix Royo Millán
Civil engineer (1984)
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In the field of public works, we carry out quality checks of all types of infrastructures: Urban development projects, main roads, dual carriageways, dams, reservoirs, ponds, canals, supply and plumbing networks, sewage treatment plants, etc.
To carry out this control, we rely on a team of professionals who are specialised in each of these fields, as well as the adequate means of material.
ENSAYA is accredited by the “Instituto del suelo y la vivienda de la D.G.A.” (Land and Housing Institute of the General Management of Aragon) in the following technical fields:

  • Control of mass concrete and reinforced concrete and its constituent materials: cement aggregates, water, steel for rebars, additions, and additives.

  • The field of soils, aggregates, bituminous mixtures and its constituent materials in roads.

The performance of the field consists in the quality assurance of the work units that define a public works project.
The most significant tasks are:

  • Prior studies on materials on their exploitation for alternative usage.
  • Prior studies on recycled materials on their exploitation for alternative usage.
  • Characterisation tests of materials for their classification and the determination of their usefulness according to the specifications and the applicable regulations.
  • Process control of embankments and backfilling, determining the degree of compaction by means of “in situ” definition of the density and humidity, through nuclear methods.
  • Load testing with static and dynamic plate to define the vertical deformation of embankments and backfilling.
  • Type testing for CE marking of aggregates.

  • Characterisation and suitability tests of natural or artificial materials used in sub-base and base layers, as well as the process control in accordance with the required specifications.
  • Analysis of materials used in the fabrication of bituminous products.
  • Determination of the characteristics of bituminous mixtures used in pavement layers.
  • Process control of layers of asphalt mixtures.
  • CE marking of asphalt or bituminous concrete.
  • Pathologies.


  • Characterisation and suitability tests of pipes of mass concrete and reinforced concrete, PVC, polythene, etc., used in sanitary sewer networks, supply and canalisation.
  • Characterisation and suitability tests of road kerbs, paving stones, flagstones, terrazzo and overall materials and elements used in urban pavings.

  • Control of concrete and steel used in the construction of structures.
  • Load tests on bridges and other structural elements